PETA, You’re Done For The Night: Nike Re-Signs Michael Vick

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There may be no pro football on the horizon but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t willing to sign checks. Nike noticed Vick’s been on his best behavior since his return and gave the Comeback Player of the Year another chance. The terms weren’t disclosed but Vick’s officially a Nike spokesman according to Sports Illustrated.

Honestly, the media circus and backlash over his dog fighting scandal missed me by miles. Yeah he broke the law and played a part in reprehensible activities. At the same time I don’t have the same compassion for animals that I’d reserve for people. Dude did his time and, while it’s a privilege to play in the NFL, he can obviously still play in the pros. Holding a grudge over it is your prerogative but it’s just sour grapes to me.

We can sit and speculate on whether or not he’s sorry for his crimes. That’s ultimately on him and whoever he answers to. Meanwhile, reality suggests these athletes are mostly out here to get paid in a billion dollar industry. They should still be held accountable for their actions but let’s not act brand new. The lion’s share of pros aren’t fit to be the role models despite ads and general media stating otherwise. That’s a point many people don’t even consider let alone address.

Nike’s move also shows how time heals wounds in entertainment. People in general will forget about past transgressions if they’re entertaining enough. Vick got convicted four years ago, came back in 09, and had a great season last year as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Plus he was in the running for league MVP in spite of his case.

It doesn’t stop there though. Kobe eventually rebounded from his notorious rape trial by winning 2 championships. Jason Kidd’s still a hall of fame point guard even though he beat his ex-wife. I could go on but the picture’s in HD. They’ve been held responsible for whatever they did but their life off the court didn’t stop them from being among the best in their field.

So Michael Vick, I’ll tip my hat to you for the moment even though you play for the Eagles. Now if only the powers that be can put an end to the NFL lockout. The same goes for the NBA as well.


  1. I didn't even trip on his dogfightin case, i'm like aight he fought dogs, that shit bein goin on for decades, all the rest of them dudes didn't do time, that was my problem and i knew he'll come back better than ever!!

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