Plaxico is IN JAIL!

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plaxicoPlaxico Burress is now in prison, after being sentenced to a 22-month term in jail stemming from last year’s embarrassing gun charges.  Burress, a former #1 wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants, caught the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLII in what was probably the peak of his career.  A year after making that catch, Burress was unemployed after carrying an unlicensed gun into a night club and accidentally shooting himself in the thigh.  Burress, who has become a hated figure in New York for screwing up the Giants’ chances of becoming a dynasty, was sentenced and brought to prison immediately after.  It is believed that Burress will be in jail for only 20 of the 22 months, based on a plea bargain deal that he and his lawyers negotiated.  I say GOOD RIDDANCE to this trouble maker and hopefully he’ll figure out how to keep the safety on while in prison…Check out the video below for an extended interview that ESPN had with Plax recently.


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