Pre-Grammy Party Pics

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There were tons of Pre Grammy Parties going on this weekend and stars like Monica, Keri Hilson, Wynter Gordon , Nicki Minaj, Drake, Omarion, Melody Thorton Jay-z, Beyonce, Will Smith, Rihanna & More were there. Check out some pics from all the hottest pre Grammy parties and events. Oh yeah that Cassie/ Lauren London combo is still sexy as hell.



  1. Look at jigga lookin all proper. That guy impresses me like no other. I don't know if he is shiesty or just good at business but he sure as hell made something out of his life. A real kingpin

  2. So who cares, she is beautiful she can wear what she like. I look so pretty sometime i do my make-up and NOT my hair and be the most beautiful girl in the D!!!!

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