Producer To Watch: Slim Pharaoh

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You may not know his name yet, but German-based producer, Slim Pharaoh, has started off this year with a bang. With three placements on Lil Skies’ latest album, “Unbothered,” Slim Pharaoh gives listeners a glimpse of his talent and versatility. You will hear plenty of trap influence in his music, as his beats are largely composed of guitars and thumping 808s. His style leaves plenty of room for artists to experiment with catchy melodies and rapid flows, which Lil Skies exemplifies effortlessly.

Of all of Slim Pharaoh’s work, “Havin My Way” by Lil Skies shines the brightest. The acoustic guitar-driven track will energize you in a mere matter of seconds, and once it drops, you can tell why the song has become one of Skies’ biggest hits. If these placements are telling of what is to come for the young producer, he will be working with some of hip-hop’s biggest names in the near future. We are very excited to see what’s next for Slim Pharaoh.

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