Raekwon: “I Don’t Give a F**K About Jay-Z

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      Wu-Tang Clan veteran Raekwon the Chef is not a fan of Jay-Z’s new album, Kingdom Come, and he’s not afraid to say so. Performing at the Rock the Bells tour in New York Tuesday night, Raekwon told the crowd that he didn’t care for Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, according to MTV News.

      "I don’t give a f— about him." Said Rae. He pointed out that he respects Jay’s business acumen, though. Kingdom Come became Jay-Z’s ninth No. 1 debut after selling 680,000 in its first week.

      Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II is due out on Aftermath Entertainment the first quarter of 2007.


  1. Whenever someone disagrees with Jay-Z they are hating. Why is it so hard to believe that this dudes time is up… He’s not Jahova(God)for real, you can speak against him.

  2. It’s like that Justine Timberlake comment…”We Missed You on the Charts this week.” Jay-Z is getting paid and movin’ the crowd. There’s nothin’ else to prove….

  3. Rae just mad cuz he cant get Wu Tang sales know more. JayZ might have put out a weak cd but shit is selling and thats what matters in the end to Jay for us fans we like WTF Jay this shit is not that great.

  4. woww this dude is the fan in the crowd screa=ming you suck but he paid to get in he is a joke biggie waz right man were do these guy get off yeah you have your right to your opinion but thats not whaet rap is now every body wants 2 b the mad rapper i heard alot from j in da past 10 yrs what from this guy man we should just boycott all these hater cause we decide them same people in that crowd all goes to jay shows leave the hate jays hate to his digruntle former empolees and partners those things make more since and dre aint gonna help you sell niether so drop tha 16 track wack cd with 4 50cent ft, 2 ll cool j and a buster an still flop flop dead hater.

  5. I don’t care what your opinions are, but people learn to spell at least. I mean, i couldn’t understand what “rocmen1” was even saying. Punctuation people… punctuation.

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