Raekwon & Street Wear Brand Akomplice Collab.

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raekwon5554ru2.jpg Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon The Chef and street wear brand Akomplice are collaborating on this  limited edition t-shirt. The yellow colorway you can see below is extremely limited with only 24 pieces being made. This t was released this weekend at Tradition in Cali so if you want this one and don’t live on the West Coast you might have to find it on Ebay or order it online.  Also New York based street wear brand and one of my favorites ONLY have released pics of their Fall 08 collection which I have also included a few flicks of below.-Cinematicrae-akomplice.jpgonly-ny-fall-2008-collection-2.jpgonly-ny-fall-2008-collection-4.jpgonly-ny-fall-2008-collection-6.jpg