Rap Battle Leaves a 17-Year Old Dead in Texas

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 by: Rizoh

Rap battles these days conjure images of two aspiring emcees exchanging bars on Freestyle Friday or at Fight Klub. That wasn’t the case in the Fort Worth, Texas rhyming contest that left one of the teenagers fatally shooting the other in the head.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a 17-year old high school junior, Christopher Smith, was shot last month after a rap battle escalated into fisticuffs. Witnesses informed Haltom City police that Christopher Smith and Samuel Jones, 18, met on September 15th for a rap contest in an open field.

"They knew each other, and they had an ongoing rap battle," said Sgt. Terry Stayer, Haltom City police spokeswoman. "They were involved in these impromptu raps that took place in parking lots, at someone’s house. They had ongoing back-and-forth issues, and they didn’t like each other."

Smith reportedly rapped first, and then Jones rapped and pointed a gun at Smith. According to the police affidavit, Jones then handed his gun to a bystander and Smith and Jones had a fistfight. When the fight ended, Smith was collecting his personal belongings when Jones allegedly shot him in the head. According to the affidavit, Smith had filed a police report about a week before his death accusing Jones of threatening his life.

Sgt. Stayer said police followed up the report but didn’t find enough evidence to charge Jones. Smith, a high school junior, had just recorded his second rap album and hoped to be a professional musician, family members said. Jones was serving eight years probation at the time of the shooting on drug and deadly conduct charges, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.


  1. That is ridiculous people are giving rap a bad name when you do stupid shit like this. Because the next thing you know they’ll be saying rap is the cause of the boy’s death.

  2. Crazy…I can see how that shit gets nuts though…I think this had a lot more to do with the 2 cats and not the rap battle …media just wanted to sell that shit to help give hiphop a bad name….its tragic for the dude that lost his life, but the dude that killed him shouldve been handled earlier after a police report was made. I dont know what can you do?

  3. Why the hell would you go and battle a dude that you filed a police report against for threatening your life? That was suicide on his part it’s sad but it’s the truth.

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