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Shuffling through my iPod the other day, I stumbled across the famed diss track “Second Round Knock Out.”  Hearing Canibus tell LL Cool J, “you may have more cash than me/but you ain’t got the skill to eat a n*gga’s a$$ like me,” I could only think “wow, I would never say that…mad suspect.”  After pausing and thinking that Cam’ron needs to dust off the single for a “No Homo” remix, I couldn’t help but realize that beyond their lyrics a lot of rappers are way more suspect in their personal lives….and I don’t mean in a gay way.   Sure there are plenty of rappers that seem closeted, and I could go on with that list all day, but there’s a handful of rappers that are just plain sketchy.  Not catching my drift?   Well just take a look at the list below:



Gucci Mane – Where do I start with this guy?  Well there’s the case of him shooting some dude whose body was found behind a middle school, but that’s not really that suspect (AKA dropped in court).  More recently, he was arrested on “charges of damage to government property, obstruction, driving without a license, reckless driving, running a red light or stop sign, failure to maintain a lane and driving on the wrong side of the road.”  Before they could actually apprehend him, police found Mane punching a random guy in the face in front of an auto body shop.  If that isn’t suspect enough, Gucci later tried to suppress probation violations stemming from the incident by claiming “mental incompetency.”   This all happened about a month after leaving rehab for cocaine addiction.  Let’s not forget the now famous ice cream cone tattoo on the man’s face.  If you saw someone on the street with that tattoo and they weren’t a celebrity, you would definitely be sketched out….matter of fact, if you see Gucci on the street, there’s a good chance something weird’s about to go down.



will.i.am – In 1992, William Adams Jr. broke into the rap game with fellow Black Eyed Peas member apl.de.ap, whose name also resembles a computer file extension.  The duo (going by the name of Atban Klann) was abstract, but not in the I’m-going-to-jack-an-old-song-and-make-a-new-techno-version-out-of-it kind of way.  In fact, the group was co-signed Eazy-E, who went on to sign the group to Ruthless Records.  At this point, will kept his moonlighting as a fashionista under wraps.  Fast- forward a few years, and Black Eyed Peas is championed as the foremost alternative group in Hip Hop.  Everything was running smoothly with Mr. i.am until 2003 when he added Fergie to the Peas’ lineup and started banging out music made for the candle lighting ceremony at Bar Mitzvahs.  That’s also when he started dressing more and more like a Martian attending her senior prom.  I’m sure at which point he began stealing songs from people though.  Simply put, you know that you’re doing something suspect when Perez Hilton’s calling you a “f*ggot.”  As of today, he is Intel’s “Director Of Creative Innovation.” I’m guessing that means he’s officially announced that a computer’s been cutting his hair for the past decade…On a related note, look at this picture.



Birdman – You know you’re suspect when you claim that you’re buying the Miami Dolphins and Stephen Ross (the Dolphins owner) has no idea who you are.  Like Gucci, Baby “Birdman” Williams is also a facial tattoo aficionado.  The star tattoos on the ‘Man’s skull barely scratches the surface of odd behavior he’s been linked to.  In early 2010, the Cash Money head claimed that he purchased an oil company.  That’s great and all – except the oil company is nonexistent.  Did I mention that he’s a fake blood?



Charles Hamilton – If there was a rap version of The Usual Suspects, Charles would be Keyser Soze.  The first time I saw this guy, I knew something wasn’t right.  Draped in pink headphones and Sonic the Hedgehog attire, Charles made his first suspect move by claiming that the late J Dilla was executive producing his debut album.  The problem with that is nobody in Dilla’s camp ever spoke with Charles or even heard of this dude.  His rebuttal: he had a “spiritual connection” with Jay Dee.  With statements like that, we should have seen his mental breakdown on the horizon.  Being that he’s a fiend for attention, he went on to pen a press release claiming that he has AIDS and cancer.  Most recently, he was booked for punching a cop in the face.  I’ll give this Sonic lover one thing; his video of a girl beating him up was mad funny.



50 Cent – Don’t get it twisted; 50 Cent is brilliant.  That doesn’t exempt him from being suspect though.  Between making great albums and negotiating tremendous business ventures, Curtis Jackson has displayed a decent amount of sketchy behavior.  I’m sure a lot of you remember the infamous taped phone call with Young Buck.  I’ve always wondered why 50 recorded that convo.  It was definitely on some blackmail ish, which is ultra suspect.  How many other conversations do you think this guy’s recorded in the past?  Most recently, Fiddy nearly pulled a boiler room-esqe scheme endorsing a stock that he owns via Twitter and urging people to buy it.  This is suspect because the stock price increased for a day, but he failed to capitalize on it because that would be illegal.  Needless to say when all the dust settled, the stock went back to being worth pennies…quit the stock hustle and stick to making straight to DVD movies and beefing with rappers, Curtis.