Ray-J Splashes $20,000 on Lil Kim

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By: Rizoh

      R&B singer Ray-J, who seems to be on a rampage lately, has moved on from Whitney Houston to Lil’ Kim. Word on the street is that Ray-J treated Queen Bee to a 20,000 splurge at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

      According to In Touch magazine, Brandy’s little brother gave Kim the $20,000 several weeks ago to spend as she pleased at the Louis Vuitton. A source told the magazine that “they’ve been spending a lot of time together,” and that Ray-J threw a surprise birthday party for former jailbird at Los Angeles nightclub Les Deux.

      We see how Ray-J has been spending the money he made from that Kim Kardashian sex tape.


  1. Ok…for real..who give a fuck about lil ho’ ass kim and gay j? this is a joke right? put some real shit worth reading on this jump off or stop breathing!

  2. Ray J & Whitney Houston? that drug mos probably messed with her a lot more that we thought. that was as silly as Vivica Fox and 50 Cent. These elderly women need to have more self-respect and stop all these cradle snatching

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