Reality Check: Before Reality Shows Somaya Reece Was Getting “Slammed” For Checks

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VH1`s Love And Hip Hop star, Somaya Reece was known for being a video vixen. If you dont know what Love and Hip Hop is about click here for a quick rundown. Well it seems like before her reality show days ole` girl filmed a SKINemax Film called “Slammed”. In the film she basically shows her goods in the most skankiest B-movie way possible, and in my undying quest to expose pretentious subcelebs I just had to bring it to you….unfortunately we`re a family friendly site so if you wanna see her in all her naked glory you`re going to have to click here to see it on Now before you go chanting from the roof tops about how great she looks keep in mind shes about 40 lbs heavier and 11 inches wider now.


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