Reality Check: Kim Kardashian Hooks Up With Kanye For Ratings

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Kanye has a new album coming out, Kim has a new reality show coming out called Kourtney and Kim Take New York. The spin off proved either her, or more likely her producers, took notes from Jersey Shore because the spin-off is going to feature lots of “hooking up”.

“Everyone is now trying to hook me up,” she says. “In a way, since I hate meeting new people and I hate that first-dating thing, it’s kind of reassuring to know, ‘Okay, this [person] knows them, so maybe they’re normal.’”
Whether or not she finds her one true love, Kardashian could be in the mood for romance as she and her sister establish a new Dash clothing store in Gotham.
“I’d be down for some hookups,” Kim says.

One of those hookups is Kanye West, whether they like each other or not it makes for good TV, plus Kanye can get back at Amber while promoting his new album, how convenient. Check out some scenes from the filming: