Receive Three Text Messages from Snoop Dogg & Xzibit

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By: Rizoh
      Fans will soon have the opportunity to receive promotional and personal text messages directly from Snoop Dogg. Thanks to The Snoop Dogg Chronicles powered by The In Crowd and 9 Squared, Inc., a division of MonsterMob Group PLC.
      Now, don’t get the impression that you’d be chatting with Snoop all day about football and females at no charge. In fact, you don’t have to receive text messages from Snoop if you don’t wish to. The service allows subscribers to receive three text messages weekly from any celebrity of their choice, including west coast wordsmith Xzibit, Andy Milonakis of MTV, John Salley of "The Best Damn Sports Show Period."
      Wireless carriers including Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, T Mobile, Alltel, and Dobson are on board to distribute the personalized messages to their customers, resulting in the ability to reach over 150 million cell phones.
      "The ongoing popularity of the fusion between the mobile industry and the entertainment industry among wireless users is exploding right now," says Ted Suh, Chief Marketing Officer at 9 Squared, Inc. "Offering a subscription to receive personal messages from a nationally recognized personality such as Snoop opens the door for another engaging, fun way that users can enjoy their wireless experience."
      What will they think of next?


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