Reebok Back?

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Well what do we got here?  Looks like a major corporation is interested in re-gaining some relevancy.  The reality of American culture is that if you get some celebrities to start rocking a particular brand a lot of people incapable of thinking for themselves will make piss poor attempts to look/act like those celebrities.

The thing that’s dope about Hip-Hop culture is that it’s one of the most influential triggers of consumerism in the world.  Some people may disagree with me on that, but I’m stating it as a fact anyway.  The whole irony is that while people can’t figure out how to monetize the music itself, the music is making money for companies who create the products that are being referenced.  Which is why it makes sense to me when rappers like The Cool Kids do deals with a company like Pepsi Co.  Rap music is a marketing tool.  It is what it is.

So I’m not surprised to see Reebok reach out to people like Swizz Beatz & Rick Ross to market a brand that has struggled in the relevancy department.  I’m just not sure it’s going to work.   I’m not sure even Jay-Z’s illuminati could make Reebok pop.  Swizz is all up in our faces with collaborations with Christian Louboutin, Audemars Piguet, & Aston Martin.  Then he decides to go hardest with Reebok?  That doesn’t sound like a fancy guy who marries Alicia Keys Italy style to me.  Plus your boy Swizz is pretty much leasing Louboutin’s swag, and I doubt he sent Christian a check.  On top of that Louboutins for dudes are just corny in the first place.  The only thing worse then men’s Louboutins are a pair of Reebok knock-offs inspired by Swizz Beatz.  Just because you make hit records doesn’t mean you should be designing shoes.  However, I think Reebok & co. are going harder with the Kamikaze look and those are definitely cooler.  It was smart for Reebok/Swizz to get Rick Ross involved as well.  To be perfectly honest that is who Reebok should have gone with from the jump.  Ross can sell more shoes than Swizz at this point in time.  Particularly with the type of sneaker Reebok is trying to sell.  My final point is this: We were debating in the office on if Reebok could legitimately pop off again.  One particular person was adamant that it was possible.  Another person asked him what shoes he had on.  That person looked down and said “Nikes”.