Rehabilitating Miss USA

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
Is this what the world has come? If Miss USA acts up we let her keep her crown and put her in rehab after she binges  ‘publicly‘ on coke and makes out with as many people she can while residing in NYC at one of Trumps towers? Well apparently so. Gotta shout out the little girl on the 11 pm news last night that broke it down. "Someone like that is a role model, someone I want to be like, how can I be like her when she does those things, that’s not being a role model." So the logic from a girl aged no more than 10 sure as hell passes that of The Donald for allowing Tara to keep her crown.


  1. Isnt it Ironic that a white man can say the word nigga and it must be a racist gesture but Flyest Nigga You Know for instance can call himself and fellow blacks nigga all day. Does the word have two different meanings, I have always wondered that. Oh but Vanessa is a little of a different story buck-o

  2. well “dodginthaolice” if you look at it vanessa lost her crown because of naked pics and this “tara” chick is a drug addict so i agree diffenrent sistuation but it alls boil down to do really want our kids to look up someone like this? so “flyest nigga u know” was right by making the two comparison…and futhermore hell no the white man cannot call me a nigga!!!!! but what the hell did that comment even havve to do w/ this topic? the real question is are you mad cause ur not a fly nigga? uhmmmm….but to answer your question about 2 different meanings..entice a white man to call a black man a nigga and conduct the same experiment w/ a black doing the same to a black and you’ll have a answer to your question.

  3. basically SexyLyn you said blah blah blah you didnt say nothing towards my question I asked. The thought of that question was provoked by reading the flyest niggas name actually. OK so thanks for all the help….

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