Rico Nasty Barges Into 2019 With Her New Single, “Roof”

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Nasty continues to demonstrate why she’s one of the more interesting burgeoning rappers.

Rico Nasty is your favorite rapper’s favorite burgeoning rapper. The 21-year-old New York upstart has garnered immense attention from industry bigwigs and fellow artists alike off the strength of her effervescent flow and unapologetic lyrics. Making a case for one of 2018’s best hip-hop albums in Nasty, Rico is continuing that momentum into the new year with her new single, “Roof”.

Her staple serrated flow pairs nicely with the machine gun-like instrumental, further establishing her energetic, “in your face” aesthetic. It is with this abrasive style that Rico has manage to separate herself from the deep competition, and exactly why her presence will only continue to wax.

Check out “Roof” below: