R.Kelly Sex Tape Made Public

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By: Rizoh

      Despite stiff opposition from R.Kelly’s lawyer, the media and the jurors will see the video in which a man who resembles Kelly is engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl. During pre-trial hearing, Kelly’s attorney contended that showing the entire tape to jurors will prejudice them against his client. But judge Vince Gaughan maintained that the 26-minute tape was vital evidence in Kelly’s child pornography case.

      R. Kelly was indicted in 2001 with charges of child pornography, for allegedly videotaping himself having sex with a 14-year old girl. His trial is scheduled to kick off next month, with jury selection on Sept. 17. Kells could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.


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  2. He is officially the Michael Jackson of our era. We talk about his music and private life the same way our parents talked about MJ’s…He will probably get off but I hope he gets ass pounded by 3 dudes at the same time is jail.

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