Rock It Or Drop It: Pharrell’s Cream Liqueur

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I hope Pharrell got paid in cash not equity on this fine enterprise.  Now he is slanging Strawberry Crème and Peach Crème liqeur to females?  People must know something about marketing that I do not.  I do mainly drink beer so maybe I am underestimating the demand fruity creme liqeur.  All I know is that according to Pharrell he is bring “indulgence back to the ladies”.  Via Billboard:

At the official NYC launch of Qream with a Q, Pharrell expressed his quest to create something other than the “lighter fluid” liquor currently on the market. “When we looked at the market, there were all these alcohol brands that use women in their ads but nothing specifically for them,” Pharrell continued. “That’s what we created Qream for. We’re bringing indulgence back to the ladies.”



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