Scandalous! Black Stars Are Edited Out Of Posters When Marketing In Other Countries

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This is truly messed up the makers of a hit Hollywood film are at the center of a race controversy after removing two black actors from a poster being used to promote it in Britain and Europe.

The American ad for Couples Retreat, a comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Kristin Davis, show all eight principal actors – six of whom are white and two black.

But the poster in Britain, where the film is on general release, omits actors Faizon Love and Kali Hawk.

A spokesman for Universal Pictures confirmed the poster had been changed to ‘simplify’ it for the UK and international market outside America. The studio said it regretted causing offense and has abandoned plans to use the revised poster in other countries. I just think simplifying means taking out clutter out of a pic and resizing it not editing out any ethnic people in it. Look at the pics below the first  is the American Version and the Latter is the edited overseas version:lil-kim22


  1. What? They deleted the black people on a billboard! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!lol…man
    there is no reason for anyone to even care about shit like this; this is typical white people bullshit and most black people are numb to this shit because there isn’t a damn thing black people are going to do about it. It ain’t like people are actually going to watch that crap-tastic movie except for other whites anyways.
    FYI, they delete/omit the names of the black actors in movies in the info box on Direct TV as well. Which is why if you watch “Soul Plane” on STARZ (STARZ in BLACK, mind you), only Tom Arnolds name would show up! haha

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