Scared of Real Hip-Hop?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Not wanting to put someone on blast but I have to respond to a comment made on the message board in regards to my ‘yawn yawn’ comment on the Dipset-Jay Z/Tru Life piece I did yesterday. Beef, if it doesn’t meet USDA requirements/standards, (translated meaning if it is no good) is thrown away,,, that so called ‘beef’ i talked on yesterday should be in the garbage. It serves no purpose, it isn’t doing anything positive for Hip-Hop plain and simple and it sure as hell isn’t selling records. So give me a valid point as to why this exemplifies real Hip-Hop and I will gladly consider your response. And just for the record, Lil Jon already won a Grammy.


  1. LMAO!!1(clearing my throat) you’re RIGHT, beef doesn’t do a DAMN THING for hip-hop it doesn’t do anything but cause mischief, BUT you gotta look past the beef into the TRUE essence of hip-hop THE BATTLE, yes DIPSET/Roc-a-fella do have their differences but it’s more entertaining to hear what they gotta say on wax and I(and the rest f the sane hip-hop world) would rather hear that then another Snap fingers songs. I’m not sayin that lil’jon doesn’t make good music but it just gets annoying after hearing it OVER AND OVER AND OVER for the hundredth time on the radio or BET. you could look at your own stats J.R. Writer dis track “you’re DONE” has over 1300 plays, 5 stars and has only been up for 4 days, come on do the math. i’m just sayin i’d rather hear Real sitiations, real lyrics, and some actual thought put into songs than the….other stuff.

  2. (con’t)…not to ruffle any of ya’ll hyphy heads, snappers, and ghost riders out there but i’d rather hear something different for once. and with that being said there is no way you could call that garbage when its…the other stuff….that should be thrown away. and oh yeah hip-hop gossip gal…when is lil’jon gonna get another grammy??? (and don’t get mad ya’ll, its just my opinion)

  3. And like I said I wanted to hear your opinion. You brought Lil Jon up in this conversation I believe, you made an assumption that becasue I said this ‘beef’ was garbage being that DipSet are one of your fave rap coalitions/factions, I am a Lil Jon fan…wrong. My love for Hip-Hop comes from the Golden Era, Nas, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Klan, Busta…I respect Lil Jon for his creativity, am i fan of his

  4. However my opinion is this, I live in a city that birthed this rap shit, when beef was USDA approved back in the day it exemplified a true element of Hip-Hop, just as graffiti and the B-Boys/girls. It was fun…today is a different story. Obviously I understand that times change, people look for different things to amuse themselves, but these beefs aren’t a source of amusement to me (my opinion)..they cause controversy within a genre of music that garners nothing but bad press, people need to start working together to encourage the presence of Hip-Hop and the control of Hip-Hop.

  5. These diss tracks are pretty much created with a mixtape/street audience in mind. Last week an associate of mine was face down on the floor as SWAT teams stormed his offices, DJ Drama obviously..the mixtape scene has come to a standstill..noone knows what to do next, so wouldnt it be more beneficial for people to get together and make a stand for a subculture in Hip-Hop (the mixatpes)that benefit a lot more than just the handfuls of people these ‘beefs’ do? Like I said just my opinion.

  6. this is not a beef it is a publicity stunt like she said. But the shit is funny as hell to see puny little pussies like cam and jimmy the douche try to go at a legend it is FUCKING HYSTERICAL especially for the man himself I’d bet. the only thing more retarded than the south snappin and shit in every video, is “real rap heads” who listen to shit rap, such as dipset and assloads of other “real” fuck off to anyone who tries to say that cam or jimmy or even santana are real rappers. I could literally sit here all day and name off morons like these three.

  7. the only reason y i brought up lil jon was because i thought u were takin a shot east coast music, REAL MUSIC, THE BIRTHPLACE OF HIP-HOP, it was a assumption, OOPS, and you’re right does get a bad rep. in the press, the media is just waiting for the next rapper to get clapped up. but this beef has been goin on for so long i HIGHLY doubt that this would go past anything but words that y i think its so entertaining. i think that this is just a battle thats gonna go on for a while. thats y i call it real hip-hop niggas throwing jabs at each other…

  8. (con’t)… KRS-1 vs. M.c. Shan or LL cool J vs. Kool moe Dee ( come on people still remember the words to “mama said knock u out”)its just a battle that no one is gonna really win until some one come out wit that on song that just destorys the other one like NAS’s “ETHER”. most smart people can see that this is just words that all and even thought they say crazy shit thats all its gonna be

  9. I was scrolling down..I love you New Yorkers, i really do..but umm i wanna enlightren ya’ll on a lil something..New York did not give birth to Rap or Hip Hop, nah I aint trying step on ya pretty lil feet bitches, but Rap was created in te south..See rhyme and rhtythm came from this lil thing called harmony and sync..Ya see it started in these lil fields in theme uhh you guested it slave states on these things called planations..and evolved into this country hymm with ryhming words telling stories..nah you gotta understand that lil beat you here in back ground well that a lil african sprinkle called beating the chest poppin the lips, you know ya’ll call it beat stay focused…ya see ass blacks migrated to the furthest states…nah what east coast..and

  10. the giving the fact that New York is the true home of the mixing pot with all likes and cultures..New York took what was just plain old country music and turned into a industrial musical revolution, nah dont get me wrong once rap touched the bricks of NYC..The beat never stopped..But FUCK NO IT DIDNT START THERE, IT CAME FROM THE SOUTH BITCHES….and p.s. I aint from the South..aghhh haaa..i spilled the beans

  11. well NOT TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE IN ALL BUT, i’m not talkin about rythem as a whole i said hip-hop, were slaves on the mic?, did u see harriet tubman on the 1’s and 2’s? nope!, i said hip-hop, rapping to a beat, u tried to get me with a technicaltiy, yes rhyme was invented in the fields of the south, but that only grew into house blues and jazz, SINGING, what we call today R AND B, RYTHEM AND BLUES…BITCHES, see ryhme of crouse was invented in the south DUH!, but rapping rhyme WITHOUT VOCALS didn’t come until the late 1970’s up here in the….FREE STATES, New york, NEW YORK….

  12. u see rapping didn’t stem from singing, rap is really spell R.A.P. Rythem and poerty, rapping is another stem of poerty not SINGING, it’s poerty to a beat, u know on some tv shows where u see a poet on stage with a Bass behind them, thats late 1960’s rap…bitches, then that in turn towards the late 1970’s went to main stream disco beat, u know “rappers delight” right? then Blondie a early 1980’s new york rock group where the first to make it main stream with “rapture” and the rest is NEW YORK HISTORY so thanx for the history lesson but i think u need to read up more on it

  13. and now it’s dyin the south too. since when did a rap video become a fuckin dance routine, tellin everyone to snap and all that shit. fuck outta here with that bullshit.take those weak fuckin rhymes to the suburbs where only stupid fuckin white kids can relate to dancin around like jackoffs for no fuckin reason.SNAP MY FUCKIN BALLS OFF YOUR CHIN.

  14. Romi…now you kinda being sarcastic with whole Harriet Tubman..I luv that bitch she was necessary..but let me slow it up just a tad….you putting too much into the word rythm and rap was a form of conversation..a word that word been around since the 20’s..its just talking, chopping game running ya mouth tellling a story ..But i aint gotta step on NY….niggah I love that bitch…And that bitch loves …but dont HATE on lil Johnny and te rest of them country sounding mutherfuckers..cause no body was dissing NY when yall talking bout “Whites Castle Fries Come In Only Size”, and when that guy was alone in his room staring at the wall..his conscious calls..WTF..j/k.. that was the shit then and it still is..and one day maybe..Snap ya Dicks, Kick the Can..well watever the fuck they saying theys days will be the SHIT

  15. first of all to touch the beef topic, as i remember, it was an mc by the name of Moe D who went at scholar rock, thus making hip hop what it is today. hip hop and battle’in go hand & hand. Alot of mcs proclaim to good and some even bolster greatness, what ever the case, if you can’t take people coming at you this is seriously the wrong business for you! i’ll say it and don’t care who feel’n me but lil jon wack, nelly wack, jeezy wack, young joc, look let me tell you it’s all getting a bit old. “and i dont feel like danceing all the time”. “Hey” they out there makeing that nonsense they deserve all the critisizm one can possibly bare, and then some! this is ya man phillie from the wise men holla at me. PEACE!!! P.S. oh i forgot, f**k a grammy!! what does it mean nowadayz anyway. do yall understand…. lil jon won a f**king grammy!!!!! nuff said.

  16. Heavens movie… By the same logic you could say that hip-hop (shit all music in the world) first came into existence in Africa, why start with the south?

    PS. Hip-hop (as a musical genre) was developed in NYC… for all the rest of the country, it’s a little bit of culture NY niggas have passed on to you. PAY HOMAGE DON”T HATE

  17. And like I said I wanted to hear your opinion. You brought Lil Jon up in this conversation I believe, you made an assumption that becasue I said this 'beef' was garbage being that DipSet are one of your fave rap coalitions/factions, I am a Lil Jon fan…wrong. My love for Hip-Hop comes from the Golden Era, Nas, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Klan, Busta…I respect Lil Jon for his creativity, am i fan of his

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