Scarface, the Real King of the South, Goes Green in Texas

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By: Rizoh

      Scarface has mentored many of today’s most prominent southern rappers, including Ludacris and Devin the Dude, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that ‘Face is now ushering in the new wave of hip-hop via a Texas collective known as Green City.

      Scarface discovered Green City, comprised of 7 members – Spark Dawg, Mike Hee, Yung Texxus, MJ, J. Scott, Big Spade and G-Ni, while working out at his local gym in Houston. Two Pro-boxers, also at the gym that day, had attended high school with the members of Green City and were working out to the group’s music. Scarface approached them to find out what single they were playing. Thinking they were already signed, Scarface was ready to go out and buy their album. When he found out that they were a local group from Killeen, TX who did not have a record deal, Face was so impressed by their skills, he was ready to sign Green City on the spot.

      “I am the best in the business when it comes to finding raw talent,” said Scarface.  “I brought Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lil’ Flip and TI to Def Jam, but they didn’t bite. I end up going to Killeen TX and found Green City. They are on some different shit, something you’ve never heard before. I stepped out of the box for Green City because they bring a new flavor; they just do what they do.”

      The southern stalwart, who recently established his own label, Underground Railroad, after many years of dealing with the majors, will oversee the release of Green City’s Brand New Money sometime this year.


  1. thats the representation we need here in jacksonville,florida aka crab city the pull down people.networkind!!!!!scarface is the king no doubt!

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