Seinfield’s “Kramer” Apologizes to Jesse Jackson, Seeks Psychiatric Help

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By: Rizoh
      Apologizing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" wasn’t enough to mend the broken relationship between Michael "Kramer" Richards and his African-American audience. The comedian, who railed against the black community recently when he referred to two hecklers as "niggers," has gone a step further by hiring strategic speech and media relations expert Howard Rubenstein.
      Rubenstein’s first task was to ring up Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Richards appeared on Jackson’s syndicated radio show, "Keep Hope Alive," where he offered another apology for his racist remarks.
 "The way this came through me was like a freight train. After it was over, when I went to look for them, they had gone. And I’ve tried to meet them, to talk to them, to get some healing," Richards said.
      According to publicist Howard Rubenstein, Richards has sought psychiatric counseling in Los Angeles to learn how to contain his anger. "He acknowledged that his statements were harmful and opened a terrible racial wound in our nation," Rubenstein said. "He pledges never ever to say anything like that again. He’s quite remorseful."


  1. come on kramer if your a racist be a proud racist. shit if you can come out your mouth with those harsh words then honestly that’s how you feel!!! dont cover what you said with an apology..that shit will not cut it in my eyes, because i dont believe you. he put his foot in his mouth and now he’s regretful..but not for what he said but for the reaction that it caused!sorry? yeah u a sorry mutha!!!

  2. now i never seen or heard what he said but another friend of mine(and they are african american)said that what he said was funny and that it was actually out of perportion, now me being black would like to believe that racism and disrimination is dead and that this was really somethin taken the wrong way and to be brutally honest no one really says anything when we as black people talk about white people (and u know we do) what i’m tryin to say is what everybody needs to do is LET IT GO, the only reason y racism is alive is because we (afican americans) keep it alive, we are always waiting for some one to slip up and i’m not sayin that racist thing don’t happen everyday because it does 100% but we shouldn’t give them the fuel to keep it alive either, we need to show that we are way better that

  3. I did see and hear what was said and I do believe that there was some form of racism about his “Michael Richards” performance. We as African Americans DO NOT need to forget about what happen to our ancestors if we do who or what will give us the fuel to keep going. Our ancestors thought about the future which is US when they where protesting, & fighting to survive back then. so why would anyone want to forget what mine or anyone elses ancestors did to get us here today. If anything we need to teach our younger brothers, and sisters the right way wether white or black

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