Sha Money XL, Moving Def Jam In The Right Direction?

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XXL caught up with Sha Money to discuss his move to a new A&R position over at Def Jam.  While I think it was a smart move for L.A. Reid to switch it up, Sha Money kind of left me confused on his direction.  He talks excitedly about investing in the usual hip-hop oligarchy, even mentioning signing Beanie Sigel?  I mean your boy Hov will holler at Doug Morris and dead that.  Regardless of weather it could realistically happen, it scares me that Sha Money thinks it would be a good look to sign Beans.  I don’t care if you think Beans is the greatest rapper of all time, I doubt you can argue that putting out a record with him would be very profitable if profitable at all in the 2010/2011 music biz climate.

Plus there is the continual talks of bring all off G-Unit over to Def Jam.  I think Sha is in favor of that, but the dude also has “G-Unit” tattooed on his f*cking arm.  You want it t make sense.  But does it?  50 needs to make some moves right now.  His music is stale.  Banks is actually making bigger records than him.  Plus is another major gets tricked into putting out a Yayo album, I dont know what I’m going to do.

However, not to completely sh*t on Sha I think that Big K.R.I.T. signing is a good look.  He’s fresh and exciting brand.  He makes real music, but he also has the potential to make “big” records.  But that’s just one artist, and what’s the point of being a company that puts out 1 good album for every three bad ones.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.




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