Shaq “Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes”

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      Shaq  got his freestyle on this past weekend at a club in NYC.   Mr. Oneal had a few words for  Kobe…. Click here to view the video.  LMAO


  1. fuck all you kobe haters fuck shaq big dum ass ,only thing big about you is the suns big lost when you came there by the way how d’wades ass taste big loser…..

  2. Yeah… this is fucked up, crackas got the rope ready and shaq jumped his big dumb ass right in the noose, This one is ginna hurt for a long time… As big, as old, and as accomplished he is I would like to believe shaq could keep his ass out-a niggas mouf by now. An awful lot can be said about this one, honestly, scarred his legacy in the name of hip-hop… Playin no favorites on the other hand KOBE IS A FUKKING BEAST on the courrt. Shaq shoulda kept it “G”… I gues he did what he felt was called for.

  3. kobe is the best player in the league..but lets face it he is a straight bitch in his personal life and thats been proving..shaq is the most accomplished dude in the NBA so he can talk shit but this shit was boarder line HOMO..

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