Shar Jackson Gets Serious About Hip-Hop

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      If you were keeping up with MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar, you know that Shar Jackson (“Moesha” actress, K-Fed’s ex-lady) was the best emcee in the competition. Now that she’s won the top prize, she getting serious about a hip-hop career. She just finished up her first single, “Let It Blow,” with Mr. Collipark (Soulja Boy) which she first performed on the show.

      "It seemed to speak to a lot of people when I did the song and I thought it would be a lot of fun to finish it up and get it out there It is the kind of song you dance around to and just be silly,” Jackson said.

She’s also planning to record an entire album, although it won’t be filled with just rap songs. She also sings and the album will be mix of all the types of music she likes.
"Music should be about having fun and doing what you love," she said.

      The song “Let it Blow” is currently available for sale on her MySpace page for $.99 but will be available through her record label, LONG LIVE CRIME RECORDS, in the next few weeks.


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