Shot Down

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      A 62 year old man was hospitalized in Alabama yesterday after being shot, not because of money, not over drugs, not over a female but for arguing with his 70 year old buddie over the height of  the late great James Brown. I guess size really does matter after all.


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Shot Down

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      Bulletproof, the video game from 50 Cent and G Unit is under jeopardy of being banned in Australia after the the powers that be who rate the games down under deemed it too violent. The on screen blood splatters and the use of guns and knives obviously weren’t doing it for the Aussies so it is back to the drawing board for VU Games if they hope to get the product out on the market in Australia.
      And talking of re-working things, rumor has it that the first album from Olivia, can y’all remember her, the R & B chick down with the Unit, well anyway her joint is being totally re-done, from tracks to even the album title. But that isn’t expected to drop until late 07 which may mean 08 which might mean we will never see it. But oh well so is the life of a recording artist.