Shots Fired! Liam Gallagher Hating On Jay-Z…Again

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I don’t know what this guy’s problem is with Jay-Z, but he’s clearly not afraid to make it public.  Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is making headlines once again for dissing Rocawear while promoting his fashion venture, Pretty Green.

When Spin Magazine asked Liam if he could compare his brand to Jay’s, the Brit rocker replied, “you’re going to be f*cking arrested wearing his gear and you’re going to pull a really nice-looking bird wearing mine.”

I’m not mad at that response.  Without a doubt, Pretty Green is a few tiers above Rocawear, although $150 for a t-shirt is pretty of steep.  Previously Liam’s brother, Noell, criticized British concert promoters after booking Jay-Z to headline 2008’s Glastonbury music festival.  Jay fired back by covering Oasis’ hit, “Wonderwall,” to open his performance.  Despite this, HOV has admitted that he wants to work on a song with the Gallagher brothers.