Since When Can You Not Get Blunted On The Subway?

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Since it’s 4/20 I figured a weed story was in order, and thanks to a crazy man in NYC, we have a perfect one.  Basically some lunatic tried to spark on a blunt on the 2 train in NYC.  I’m actually not that mad at dude.  If there was a “blunt” car on the subway I would definitely perpetually ride it.  Trust me a lot of crazy stuff happens on the subways in NYC and usually no one does anything.  So I was surprised some dude tackled the crazy man who was smoking.  I mean guy had to get a tetanus shot for his troubles.

Sidebar: I can’t find the link but there is definitley a dope interview with Q-Tip out there where he speaks on how people would smoke blunts on the reg in the subway cars in the early 90’s…the good ol’s days I suppose.

According to the NY Post:

A straphanger hellbent on stopping a vagrant from smoking pot on a crowded Manhattan subway was stabbed in the head with a pen yesterday after she yanked a lighter from his hands, sources said.
Evelyn Seeger, 45, of Nutley, NJ, was attacked by deranged stoner Cordero Coroberto, 35, on a southbound No. 2 train near 14th Street about 9:15 a.m. after he tried to light a blunt — a cigar refilled with tobacco and marijuana, a witness said.
“The argument started when he tried to light it . . . he swung at her and hit her with the pen on the forehead,” said Marc Bush, one of several good Samaritans who pinned Coroberto in a corner until the train arrived at Chambers Street, where cops were waiting on the platform.

Seeger was rushed to Beekman Hospital, where she was given a tetanus shot, treated and released.