Smoke DZA Celebrates 420 With ‘BACONEGGANDTREES’ EP

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Featuring Domo Genesis.

This past weekend was one replete with holidays: Easter; Passover; and, of course, the main event — 420. Whether you celebrated by taking flight on the back of a king-sized paper or rolled your troubles into a wood, it was a day for stoners to rejoice in the arms of their loved one, Mary Jane.

A fixture in the hip-hop community, rappers took to their social medias to spread the holiday cheer by encouraging their fans to enjoy the day of relaxation while paying homage to the deity, weed. One rapper took that homage one-step further by dedicating an entire EP to the occasion: Smoke DZA dropped-off his seven-track project, BACONEGGANDTREES.

Unsurprisingly, the latest DZA offering is a chilled-out one that fits securely into the 420 and weed ethos, imparting chill vibes — or energy, as he prefers — and souled-out production.

Joining Smoke on BACONEGGANDTREES are Domo Genesis, Shoota 93, and more. It was released in partnership with Jonny Shipes’ The Smokers Club and Cinematic Music Group.

Check it out here: