Sister Souljah On Black Women: “We’ve Been Misrepresented. We’ve Been Victims Of Racism And Sexism, But We Are Huge Propellants Of Those Problems Ourselves.”

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Over the weekend, Jada Pinkett-Smith sat down with author, activist and recording artist, Sister Souljah at the Festival of Books. Always reflecting on the hip-hop generation with her previous works, “The Coldest Winter” and Midnight: A Gangster Love Story,” Sister Souljah always served as a voice of the hip hop generation.

Sister Souljah spoke about her new novel, “Midnight and the Meaning of Love,” which is a follow-up to her previous novel “Midnight.” “Midnight” is actually a prequel to her 1999 bestseller “The Coldest Winter.”

In the discussion, she was asking about the portrayal of African-American women and she made an interesting point. As much as one can blame the men, women must take responsibility for their image. “Yes, we’ve been maligned. We’ve been misrepresented. We’ve been victims of racism and sexism, but we are huge propellants of those problems ourselves.”  She also talks about the issues African-American women face when it comes to finding love and how that stigma can be avoided.

It’s interesting how culturally women can let themselves be defined by the way media presents them and interestingly enough point the finger on everyone else but themselves. Victimizing video honeys is one thing, but when you think about it, these women were presented with a choice. Well that was my food for thought for today.


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