Snoop Dogg Cops a Plea

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By: Rizoh

      West coast vet Snoop Dogg insists that he didn’t intend to murk anyone with the 21-inch collapsible baton he tried to smuggle aboard a plane last year. Snoop pled “not guilty” to a felony charge of weapons possession stemming from that incident.

      His lawyer, Donald Etra, made the plea on Snoop’s behalf yesterday (January 24), saying “the item was a movie prop.” And that Snoop never intended it to be used as anything other than a prop. According to People magazine, the 35-year old rapper could face up to three years in prison if convicted.

      You may recall that Snoop attempted to board a New York-bound plane with a collapsible baton last September. He later told sheriff’s deputies that the 21" baton was a prop for a movie he was filming in New York. Suuurre.

      In related news, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is also considering whether to file charges against the rapper for two other arrests involving weapons and drugs.


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