Snoop Dogg Is For The Kids

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By: Rizoh

      Snoop Dogg is busy working on his next album and his new reality show at the same time, but he’s never too busy to do some charity work. Snoop will take time off his busy schedule to host his third annual benefit concert this Sunday (Dec. 16) at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The concert is geared towards raising funds for the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL), a football league created by Snoop to help kids stay off the streets and out of trouble. Proceeds from the benefit concert will go towards the purchases of new league uniforms and equipment, as well as food and transportation, for their upcoming Snoop Bowl.

      Comprised of twelve chapters, the SYFL was established to give inner-cit youths an opportunity to participate in organized sports. The league has grown over the years, and Snoop credits that growth to his team’s commitment and hard work.  “I am as committed to the SYFL as I am to any of my other interests,” says Snoop, “it ranks as high, if not higher than the others for me.  The kids in the league depend on me to keep it going and giving 100% of the sales from this concert is my way of making it happen for all of them.”

      The league seeks to empower kids with a sense of discipline, while giving them a positive alternative to the negative influences on the streets.


  1. Wish the media would do more reports on stuff like this then negativity in HIP-HOP. Kinda makes you wonder if the media is strategically set up to misinform people about black culture…(message)

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