So Why Is Chris Brown Not Wearing A Shirt, AGAIN?

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Chris Brown is just one of THOSE celebrities – the ones who you love to hate and hate to love. This past weekend, Breezy celebrated his 22nd birthday in both Miami and Las Vegas. He partied with Weezy in the MIA and even had a F.A.M.E. themed cake. Chris definitely had an awesome time as you can see from the pictures, but lately I’ve been noticing the recent change Chris’s style of dress: no shirts!

Ever since, his temper tantrum at GMA, Chris Brown’s bare chest have been making a lot of appearances lately. I’m not complaining, but I just wonder if this is exactly… necessary. Seriously though, Chris Brown broke the window then stormed out with his shirt off.  He even performed shirtless subsequently after. Then at his F.A.M.E. release party, he made sure he stripped down for the festivity.

My question is why, maybe for his release party, he got inspired by the strippers and he wanted to be half naked too. But for his birthday? I know V.I.P. doesn’t get hot like that.  Why he is wearing less clothes than the girls around him?  Seems a little off.