So XV, Seven and Just Blaze Walk Into A Studio…

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Funny how I listened to this song, titled “When We’re Done,” this morning and get to see a short “making of” flick covering it. Observing artists working in the studio can be interesting since I have a passing interest in music production. A few Seven’s beats caught my ears over the years and at times I’ve wondered how he went about producing. Therefore, it’s intriguing to see how he constructed the sample and developed the record from there. You can tell XV and Seven go back as they exchange thoughts and crack jokes all the same. Additionally, seeing Just Blaze take a vested interest in the record is quite welcome and shows the kind of mentorship young musicians need.

More importantly, it highlights all the work put in towards making a product: in this case for free. The crew spent three days conceptualizing the song: a track from XV’s recent Zero Heroes album. That may seem like a ton of time to devote on one record. Yet, sometimes, it takes awhile to make a project you’re satisfied with. I haven’t given Zero Heroes a full spin yet. However, from what I’ve heard, there’s a few quality records within.

Via Life+Times