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There seems to be another illness spreading and I am not talking about Swine Flu. This illness can be found wherever there is a high population of celebs and is known as stalking. Tyra Banks, Tyrese, Leona Lewis, Tyler Perry, Paula Abdul, the list is endless have all been exposed to this epidemic. The chick here is allegedly stalking Tyrese and thinks that harassing his staff with over 20 phone calls a day is enough to make Tyrese step her way…why would these people think they have any shot with the celeb of their choice acting the way they do? This is obviously an illness. Then when their advances are denied the so called love turns to death threats…scary stuff. Is it any wonder Leona Lewis took herself back home to the UK after seeing some weirdo hanging around her new crib in La La land?
Tyler Perry looks like he is not backing down from his stalker as she is having her ass was indicted yesterday on a felony aggravated stalking charge. Dawne Wilson is expected to be arraigned today. I guess when you get a restraining order out against someone you hope that might encourage a reprieve in their bizarre behavior, but obviously not as again Wilson went ahead and started with the death threats after being warned time and time again to keep away.
However is the law on the side of the celebs when these cases come to court anyway? Look at Tyra Banks stalker, Ty Ty even took the stand against Brady Green, a supermarket worker from Brooklyn, the other week and he managed to avoid facing jail time even though he was found guilty of stalking and harassment. The judge just opted to move him to a location where he will be ‘able to thrive.’ Maybe they are sending him to Hollywood, he damn sure will be able to thrive there.
I am surprised there hasn’t been a Stalkers Anonymous set up to try and cure those with this addiction before shit gets outta hand.


  1. Being in the eye of fans and media is a plus on many counts, but when the scaryness of fame really bites is have a regular person so affected that they either are come over with a following disorder or that they lose their percet of te correct amnner to continue their satatus as fan. the system has proven its protction to our idolizing figures, keeping roles organize society, if youhave become lost and an artist is your only closeness to correctness then find a means to be straight and not cause these problems

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