Soulja Boy Stole His Name?

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By: Rizoh

      Teen rap sensation Soulja Boy (born DeAndre Way) has been sued for trademark infringement by a man who says he first coined the stage name. Willie Lyons, an obscure rapper, claims he has been known as Souljah Boy for twelve years and has initiated legal proceedings against the more popular rap artist.

      In a letter published by gossip blogger Perez Hilton, Lyons states that a complaint has been filed in a federal court against “Souljah Boy, his record label, attorney & manager in connection with his blatant infringement of Mr. Lyons’ trademark.”

      Soulja Boy has not yet responded to the claims.


  1. Willie Lyons you been souja boy for 12 yrs. and nobody knows you, just change ya name you lame. plus i doubt if souja boy tellem is even going to be around in a year so this case don’t matter

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