Sounds Like Reebok Is Back…

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Nike has pretty much had a choke hold on the sneaker game since it’s inception but there have always been times when the competition has thrived.  Adidas did well in in the 80’s and even Reebok in the early 90’s.  Styles have changed.  Things have become a little bit more fitted and colorful.  It’s a recipe for Nike to reinvent themselves with fresher designs and styles.  Instead, they’re coming out with retros after retros.   Which is cool, but are like a Black Eye Pea’s song it’s ok in the club but has no replay value.  My point is that if you do the same thing over and over, it’s only a matter of time people people are going to begin to think it’s played out.

In comes Reebok with the star-power assisted Kamikazes, and they are on almost every rapper (that’s relevant) feet.  That’s why I feel like Reebok teaming up with John Wall, Chad Ochocino, and Swizz Beatz can become their Big 3.  Chad is said to be one of most influential person on twitter, John Wall will be a major player in the league within the next few years, and Swizz has the music connects that he has.

My boy has been hating on the potential that Reebok has to actually win.  I know where his negative take on Reebok comes from.  When was the last time anyone talked about Reebok  Maybe when 50 and Jay had their sneakers deals over there.  But with this sneaker it’s different.  It’s actually a fresh new design sneaker that is pretty rockable, not a copy of an old sneaker like the S. Carters and the G-Units. So, with that said let’s wait and see what happens.  I got my money that Reebok will do something good with it even-though I’m a nike head.