Staff Picks Week Of 6/4/12

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J Harmony: First things first, if this Zombie Apocalypse is real, it’s time to brush up on some Dawn of the Dead. For real though, this week has been plagued with zombie like behavior all over the country. Between the story of Rudy Eugene eating a man’s face off in Miami to the story of a man in New Jersey throwing his intestines at cops, it’s safe to say that something is messed up with America. Maybe this is the end of the world that the Mayans predicted. Only time will tell.

If it’s truly the end of the world, we might as well hit up the strip club one last time right? Theophilus London and Big Boi would probably agree. Earlier this week the two released their collaboration, “She Said OK,” which features Tre Luce. Dubbed the “#1 Strip Club record in the world” by Theophilus himself, “She Said OK” is as smooth as it is raunchy. Theophilus also took to twitter to announce that A$AP Ferg will be on the official remix and that a dirty music video is on its way. All I have to say is, “Lemme see that vidday.”

It’s also been a crazy week for sports with the NBA playoffs continuing to keep viewers glued to their TVs. Following the Draft Lottery which saw the New Orleans Hornets receiving the 1st and 10th overall picks, and some controversial calls in the Heat/Celtics series, many are accusing commissioner David Stern of rigging aspects of the league. While there’s no evidence of foul play, the league has seen some questionable things lately…

While not focused on basketball, rapper XV dropped two new wrestling-inspired tracks this week, his first releases in the last couple of weeks. “Stone Cold (3:16)” has Vizzy repping his local Wichita, Kansas area code, 316, over Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” while “Tappin’ Out” has Vizzy rapping over “Cashin’ Out” by Cash Out. It’s good to hear from Vizzy again but I am sure his fans are still wondering when they’ll get to hear The Kid With The Green Backpack.


Big Boi & Theophilus London – “She Said OK” ft Tre Luce

XV – “Stone Cold (3:16)”

jGerson: I have to agree with J Harmony’s sentiment regarding the NBA; not so much the hypothetical zombie apocalypse.  The conference finals have been off the hook this week.  I thought the Thunder was done for the night, but Kevin Durant made it happen on Thursday by defeating the Spurs 82 to 102.  I must say, I really want to see Oklahoma face off against the Heat in the NBA finals, and that may happen if Miami can stop Boston in Game 5.  Oklahoma will probably be stuck if Ginobili brings his A-game though.

My music taste this week is on some rather obscure hip-hop.  I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of El-P.  I’ve always vibed with his production, but his solo albums as a whole have been a little too weird for my taste.  I sort of look at him as the David Lynch of hip-hop, if you will.  Anyway, I’m feeling his new album and especially the lead cut, “The Full Retard,” which was recently paired up with some fly visuals reminiscent of Fear & Loathing  In Las Vegas, except with El-Producto playing the role of Hunter S, and his stuffed-animal friend playing the role of Dr. Gonzo.  Acclaimed producer and one-half of Gangrene, Oh No, was recently given the unprecedented privilege to sample Rudy Ray Moore’s audio archive and the result is his latest album, OhNoMite.  I can’t say that I’m into the entire album, but two cuts in particular really stand out in my eyes.  Those tracks are “Real Serious” featuring Evidence and The Alchemist, and “Hallucinations” featuring Prozack Turner of Foreign Legion fame.  The production on “Hallucinations” is mad trippy and spaced out, and “Real Serious” sounds like it should have been on Gangrene’s last album.  That latter may contain the best Alchemist verse that I’ve heard to date.  By the way, the album drops this week so go cop it if you like these joints.

On an unrelated note, Lil Wayne’s diss to Pusha T, “Goulish,” was straight garbaccino.  Pusha killed him on “Exodus 23-1” and the video is straight crack.  Also if you missed the “No Church In The Wild” video, definitely check that one out, too.



Serge: I’m sending a pick out this week to the new new cocaine lord on the block, none other than Troy Ave. Personally, the only people that have the God-given right to talk about cocaine in their rhymes in my opinion are the Clipse and Jay-Z. Everyone else just doesn’t sound the same doing it, or believable for that matter. But I’m going to push my stubborn nature aside, and give the newcomer a shot at making me a believer of his drug dealing antics. His mixtape, Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Got Damn Harry Powder Trilogy drops June 12th, so we’ll see.