Stoupe Not Part Of New JMT Album ‘Violence Begets Violence’, Heavy Metal Kings Drop New Video “Oath Of The Goat”

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This has to be very disturbing to many JMT Fans. Stoupe has produced every JMT song in the history of the group, however he’s not given a single production credit on their latest album, Violence Begets Violence. I’m sure their are plenty of cats that could only tolerate Vinnie Paz’s gruesome flow and violent subject matter due to Stoupe’s epic beat making abilities. What if Guru released a Gang Starr Album without Premo? What if Slug released an Atmosphere album without Ant? Can Jus Allah and Vinnie Paz really call themselves Jedi Mind Tricks without Stoupe? This is the tracklisting for Violence Begets Violence

1. Intro (produced by Scott Stallone)

2. Burning the Mirror (produced by C-Lance)

3. When Crows Descend Upon You featuring Demoz (produced by Hypnotist Beats)

4. Fuck Ya Life featuring Blacastan (produced by Junior Makhno)

5. Imperial Tyranny featuring King Magnetic (produced by C-Lance)

6. Design in Malice featuring Young Zee & Pacewon (produced by Mr. Green)

7. Weapon of Unholy Wrath (produced by Shuko)

8.  Target Practice (produced by Hypnotist Beats)

9. Carnival of Souls featuring Demoz (produced by Grand Finale)

10. Willing a Destruction onto Humanity (produced by C-Lance)

11. Chalice featuring Chip Fu (produced by Illinformed)

12. BloodBorn Enemy (produced by Nero)

13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (produced by C-Lance)

14. Street Lights (produced by Nero)

In other JMT related news the Heavy Metal Kinds (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz) dropped a video for the song “Oath Of The Goat” which includes an attractive woman blowing multiple lines of cocaine and Ill Bill killing a priest.