Stunna 4 Vegas Is The “Rap Game LeBron”

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The Carolina MC makes an assertive proclamation.

North Carolina hip-hop is having, finally, its moment. Helmed by J. Cole, the Carolinas are birthing an influx of talented artists who are each leading a unique movement. From Rapsody to DaBaby, their regional identity is less of a distinct sound as it is a composite of the intrepid voices propelling the area forward. Most recently to emerge from Panther country is DaBaby’s collaborator and friend, Stunna 4 Vegas.


The 23-year-old caught fire with his well-received debut album, Big 4x, released on May 10th, which demonstrates the exciting upstart’s raw, aggressive machine gun-rattling sound. Recently, he came through with an assertive proclamation by way of new track and video, “Rap Game LeBron.”


Check out the new Stunna 4 Vegas below:


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