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Suge Knight was another ‘name’ of sorts to have a disappointing All Star Weekend. The former Death Row label boss had an altercation at the swanky W Hotel in Scottsdale with a member from Akon’s entourage. Robert Carnes Junior who smacked Suge in the head a couple of times was actually charged with felony aggravated assault as the damage he did to Suge with a couple of punches was so severe. When cops arrived at the scene to break up the fracas, surprise surprise they had to use a taser stun gun to control the brawl. Something about those AZ cops and their stun guns man.
Suge was then taken to hospital and treated for lacerations and excessive bruising to his face. His assailant was originally named as the business manager of Konvict star Akon but it was later established that Carnes was in fact just a member of the singers entourage. No idea what the trouble started over, but where Suge is concerned, doesn’t take much for it to kick off anyway.


  1. Isn’t Suge on parole anyway?? He ain’t gonna fight back… Easy one for Akon’s boy.. Fagget ass Akon Krew! That sound’s hella gay! Imagine Akon going hard… Funny shit right? Ha!

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