SUPER SUSPECT: Former B2K Member Raz-B Accuses Marques Houston Of Molesting Him!!!

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This is getting really ugly, Raz-B has released a video of himself spazzing out on R&B singer Marques Houston. In the video, he calls Marques Houston upset after he heard that Omarion said that he was “bi-polar” on the radio. He also makes the explosive allegations that Marques Houston molested him when he was 13.

That is insane but a few a years ago Raz B accused former B2k Manager Chris Stokes and Marques Houston of molesting him in a video that was released in 2007. During that time, another artist by the name of Quindon that worked under Chris Stokes when he was younger claimed he was molested as well.

Quindon wrote this letter recently:
I wanted to say a personal thank you for supporting me and my story. Chris Stokes is a predator and a manipulator so is Marques Houston who is the ring leader in all of this. Yes i have been forced to kiss Marques Houston, yes i have been asked when u masturbate who do u think about in IMx, the list goes on and on…there are also numerous members of various groups that were involved with Chris Stokes that were molested or touched in the wrong way that are AFRAID of speaking out. Also Michael Houston knew about this and did NOTHING….

I don’t know why or what they were thinking when this was done to me and others but i have been scarred for life from it. I hate that i settled and didn’t take it into court but at the time we were threatened with death and i was afraid for my family as well as myself. He and Chris are still denying all this…its disgusting. But after all has been said and done I’m fine and I’m blessed…God will get the last he knows what is true and what isn’t…but once again thanks for your support…God bless

– Now Marques Houston is my dude but I don’t know what to think at this point. This whole thing is suspect, why would Raz-B make this up? It doesnt matter how much you hate someone you must be insane to lie on your manhood like that. Then again if both these guys are telling the truth its also sad. You were in a boy band with millions of girls at your disposal and this is the mess you end up in!?