Suspected Stack Bundles Shooter Found Dead in Queens

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By: Rizoh

      A man being eyed by police as a suspect in the murder of rapper Stack Bundles was found dead in his Queens home, according to the NY Daily News. Charles White, a 20-year old aspiring rapper, was found with a pillow over his head, two bullet wounds to his head and one to the leg.

      As we reported earlier, Bundles (born Rayquon Elliott) was gunned down in front of his home in Far Rockaway, Queens on June 11th, 2007. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but died soon afterwards from two gunshot wounds. His funeral, held on Monday (June 18), was attended by hip-hop luminaries like Joe Budden and Lupe Fiasco.

     Police have reason to believe that the two shootings are connected, but no other details have emerged at this point.


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