O.T. Genasis Shares New Mixtape, Rhythm & Bricks

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You remember O.T. Genasis, right? Oh, what, the name doesn't sound familiar to you? Okay, just in case you forgot or amnesia is suddenly contagious, O.T. was the rapper that suddenly dropped one track late last year in "CoCo". You know: I'm in love with the coco. That song. Yikes, kinda embarrassed to even be typing that in 2015. Well, basically he's got a mixtape out: It's called Rhythm & Bricks. There's like, a bunch of songs on it, production from producers, and raps from rappers. Cool. If you're into that sort of stuff, peep O.T. Genasis' Rhythm & Bricks after the jump.

O.T. Genasis – “Do It” feat. Lil Wayne

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Remember O.T. Genasis? The guy who had the smash hit "CoCo"? Yeah, that guy. Well, he's finally coming out with some actual material for ya'll. If that's what you wanted. The new mixtape will be entitled Rhythm & Bricks and should be out very soon. But in the meantime Genasis is serving you up with "Do It" featuring Lil Wayne who has been featured a lot lately. Like, a lot. Check out "Do It" after the jump.

New Music: O.T. Genasis – “Ricky”

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O.T. Genasis, the man behind one of 2014's biggest hits "CoCo," returns with "Ricky" after teasing the track earlier. Essentially what we have here is the cousin of "CoCo." Take that for what it is. Listen to the new O.T. Genasis cut after the jump.

New Music: O.T. Genasis – “The Flyest”

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It's been quite some time since O.T. Geneasis released his breakout track "CoCo" and although the rapper has kept relatively quiet since then he's only now releasing the highly-anticipated followup in "The Flyest." The track takes on a similar route as "CoCo" so there's good chance you will be hearing this one on the radio soon enough. Check out the new O.T. Genasis cut after the jump.

New Music: O.T. Genasis – “CoCo Pt. 2” feat. Meek Mill & Jeezy

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Yep, the song that just won't go away is back for round three. First time around was the OG version, which prompted a lush, high-end video remake. Now, over a month later we are being treated (or tortured, depending on who you are) with a... part two? Feels more like a remix. Anyway, this one features the recently released Meek Mill and Atlanta's trapper Jeezy. Peep the part two to O.T. Genasis' "CoCo" after the jump.

New Music: O.T. Genasis – “Jackin’ For Beats 2015”

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O.T. Genasis, the rapper best known for his smash hit "CoCo" returns with "Jackin' For Beats 2015" a track where he goes off over a few rap classics. In this Genasis goes over mainstay hip-hop classics like Jay Z's "1-900-Hustler," Puffy's "Victory," and Beanie Sigel's "Feel It in the Air." Listen to "Jackin' For Beats 2015" after the jump as O.T. Genasis will surely surprise you.