Talib Kweli Admits to Being Slapped

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      Several weeks ago a rumor about Talib Kweli being slapped by a woman at a 50 Cent party made its way around the industry. Not only did the rumor say he got his jaw tapped, but then he went into a private room at 50’s house and cried. Well, Kweli went on Hot 97’s Miss Jones in the morning to set the record straight.

      “I was at 50’s house and I got to an argument with my girl,” Talib told Jones. “It got physical. Ain’t nobody go into a room was crying. But ya know, I’m a passionate dude and sometimes women get passionate. So you know, she got out of pocket and she got checked. It was an ugly situation for both parties, it didn’t make either one of us look good, but I’m glad it’s over with.”

      Talib went on to admit that they had an argument before going to the party, and with a few drinks in them, the argument carried over to the party. They are still together and Talib said that the argument is a little thing compared to the strength of their relationship. He also talked about his upcoming album, Ear Drum, the recent attacks on hip-hop, the Alec Baldwin phone call and Beyonce vs. J-Hud..




  1. Met him before and I felt at the time he was a straight ass hole so who ever slapped him i hope they smacked some since into him because I’m so tired of running into these fake peace and positive shit talking fakes.

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