Talib Kweli Keeps It Gutter For Next Album

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Following Nas’ lead, Talib Kweli hit Twitter with a vengeance, announcing the release of his forthcoming album, Gutter Rainbows.  Nearly four months ago Kweli reunited with production partner, Hi-Tek, for their sophomore Reflection Eternal release, Revolutions Per Minute, which was relatively successful from a commercial and critical standpoint.  Riding the momentum of Revolutions, Talib took to Twitter to unveil a portion of Gutter Rainbows’ scheduled production credits including an array of bubbling indie producers such as S1 (Kanye West’s “Power“), Ski Beatz (Curren$y’s Pilot Talk/Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents“), M-Phazes (R-Kelly’s “Real Talk [Remix]”) and of course Hi-Tek.


Interestingly enough, Talib Kweli announced that Gutter Rainbows will be self-funded via his Blacksmith imprint.  Through his latest tweet, Talib stated, “Gutter Rainbows will be completely self financed, and exist outside of the music industry.  It is an experiment in freedom.  But it aint free!”  This is definitely a good look for Kweli as he has proven time and time again that he doesn’t need industry backing to sell.  His last solo LP, Eardrum, debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200, but despite being released through Warner Bros. Eardrum received very little radio play outside of Sirius and XM (“Hostel Gospel” did alright on MTV 2’s Sucker Free Countdown).  I’m confident that Talib can recoup his budget from Gutter Rainbows and keep his name relevant to backpackers and blog-addict alike.