Tennessee Titans

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
       Keeping it real is obviously something TN artists like to do when it comes to their reality shows.  According to Sha Money XL Young Buck does have a reality show in the works. And yes it is supposed to be the reality show of all reality shows as Buck keeps it a little too real. Hmmmm I wonder if MTV caught his recent arrest on camera this past weekend for a previous violation.
      And talking to Three 6 Mafia the other week they also said their reality show  Adventures in Hollyhood was also possibly the realest of reality shows we could expect to see. It has the duo, DJ Paul and Juicy J showing the world and their new found circle of friends in Hollywood the ‘fried bologna sandwich’ eating side of the group. Can’t wait..The show airs on MTV in mid-march.


  1. To everybody who loves hip-hop, we gotta take this hip-hop thing and put it back were it belongs, in the hood, in the streets, to the house parties, and out the hands of these record companies and corperate america who is using hip-hop and turnin it into a minstrel show! flava flav, akon, buck, 36 mafia, this shit is getting outta control now….

  2. this is bullshit!, they see all the money that hip-hop is gettin and tryin to profit off it, this ain’t right ya’ll, we gotta get it together. they are turnin us into CLOWNS! just some entertainment for masa! and some of ya’ll is just feedin right into it, turnin ya’ll into house niggas! don’t let this happen to you, we just gettin brain washed. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  3. Romei rome has a good point. oh well, people are gonna keep using hip hop if it makes money…Hollyhood??? HOLLYHOOD??? for real where is hollyhood lol

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