Tess goes Jodeci

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I came across Tess the other night hosting the Nu-Soul Series at Frank’s Lounge that happens once a month on Saturday’s.  I usually get to discover new acts at this showcase spot.  The place was packed and a lot of folks came through to see Tess Boogie as she’s known within her circles.   She’s no newcomer to the scene.  She’s been touring with world-renowned DJ’s, making mixtapes and has had her songs featured heavily on NY’s Hot 97.

So – when I called her on to the stage- introduced her to the crowd- she strutted up in her sexy outfit, high heels and poured her heart and soul on to the audience and they were eating it up- It was high energy the whole time. Tess has quite a charisma, stage persona and boy can she pelt!   So she has this project called Tess Goes Jodeci. A great and fun concept paying homage to timeless music and an artist she was greatly inspired and moved by- Jodeci!


You’ll be hearing a lot more from Tess mark my words!

Here’s something capturing her live essence taken from Shrine.

And the cover- ‘Tess goes Jodeci’ which is available at all online retailers.