Teyana Taylor On Beauty & Being Famous For Nothing

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Posting this because of her being defensive about being famous for nothing, especially considering I don’t really know who she is or why she is being interviewed.  This is from Edge magazine via NB:

  • On beauty
    The standard of beauty is just ridiculous, it’s unfair. Now to be beautiful you have to be light and have long hair and a big butt. That’s just stupid. If your lips aren’t small or your nose isn’t contoured enough…you’re less than. Sometimes I feel like I’m not beautiful because I have big lips or just because of the other features I have. I had problems growing up and I was teased a lot. People don’t see inner beauty anymore. It hurts me to go online and see “light skin vs. dark skin” stuff. Beauty is more than what’s on the inside.

    On people saying she’s famous for nothing
    It gets really hard because people don’t really know what’s happening on the inside of things. People can be so cruel and not even know your situation and not want get to know.



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