That Time Kobe Bryant Almost Got In A Fight At Church

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I always say I want all of the money and none of the fame.  As much as I want to sh*t on Kobe right now if people had a camera in my mug all the time I would definitely flip out like this.  Then again was this dude just f*cking around on his phone and Kobe got extra?  Not sure which side to be on here.  One thing is for sure, Kobe can expect a civil suit from this dude in the near future.

LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is accused of injuring a man at a Southland church.

Bryant allegedly grabbed a man’s wrist and cell phone at St. Therese of Carmel in San Diego Sunday.

The man claims Bryant thought he had taken pictures of him and his family on his cell phone, but returned the phone after discovering there were no pictures.

The alleged victim claims he had to go to the hospital to treat a wrist injury.

Police in San Diego are now investigating.