The 10 Hottest Songs Of Summer

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2. Bobby Shmurda – “Hot N*gga”

The Shmoney Dance. A Brooklyn kid. Jahlil Beatz. There go all the necessary ingredients for a lights-out, spasm-inducing hit. Like many of the songs on this list, it’s ostensibly about murder, laundering money and lawyer-client confidentiality. But once that drops rattles, you’ll never say “corrections officer” again! Bobby Shmurda — our best guess — won’t be around longer than Hurricane Chris, Trinidad James, Rich Boy and other summer one-hit casualties. This is what makes him ready: he’s fine flashing his charisma and his new slang and letting us interpret it and dance. Not bad for a newbie. Also, has Jahlil Beatz quietly become an institution of web beat-making?